Private instruction is available for the general public whether current group class students or not

Specifically tailored for those individuals requiring a totally personalized attention or that wish to have "his or her" own small group/family session.

The rate of learning through a private session is estimated to be equivalent to 7  to 10 group sessions (depending on individuals)

Time constraints may be preventing you from taking advantage of the group class schedule

You prefer the one on one training with the instructor

You are seeking to concentrate on a specific area: Fitness, Self Defense, Rape Prevention, Traditional Katas, Kumite, Pressure Points, Flexibility, Stretching, etc.

You choose  to select when and for how long to train based on availability

You have a kid with certain challenges, who may have been subjected to bullying and requires initial private classes

You would like some private lessons before joining a group environment

You want to have the pace of the class matched to your abilities not to depend on the rest of a group's level

You have had previous Martial Arts training and need to quickly get up to your best level without going through the group class rhythm


If any one of these describe your needs or preferences; Send Email to for further information.



Single Session (1 hour) (trial)       = $   180    for 1 to 3 students

12 Sessions Pkg (1 hour/Each )  = $1,920   {$160 Each hour } for 1 to 3 students

24 Sessions Pkg (1 Hour/Each)  = $3,600    {$150 Each hour } for 1 to  3 students


1) 12 Session package classes must be used within the 60 consecutive days after the first session

     24 session package classes must be used within the 120 consecutive days after the first session

     (extensions may be considered in exceptional circumstances)

2) $180 paid for 1st session (trial) may be applied towards the payment of a package, if so, the trial session is the 1st session of the package

3) All payments are made in advanced

4) Trial Session may only be paid via Credit Card and always in advance

5) Client cancellations will be accepted via text message and client must receive confirmation from instructor confirming acceptance and only if these are made at least with 24 hours advanced notice. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance cannot be accepted and a session will be checked as done unless a major event reported on the news presents a situation away from anyone's control (i.e. Major Storms) 

6) Private sessions may be used for up to 3 individuals within the same session of training. Each additional student will incur in a $25 surcharge

7) Private sessions, from your purchased package, may be gifted to other individuals

8) All students must sign the release of liability