Pricing is based on days of attendance per week.  The more days you select to come per week, the lower the rate per class.

There are no long term contracts to sign.

In addition to monthly options, you may choose to pay per session.

Please stop by our reception desk at Ninja Lounge on the main floor to learn about details and limited promotions.

You may also call 786 590 5006 for general information on the Ninja Lounge or Direct to the Martial Arts Program at (305) 690-2077 (voice and text)

1 x week:  $98 /Month 

2 x week: $178/Month

3 x week: $194/Month

4 x week: $242/Month

5 x week: $290/Month

Single Session Anytime $25

10% Sibling discount available for monthly plans.

Receive 20% Discount in other Ninja Lounge Selected Offerings

Ask about a trial session offer