Now Offering Dad/Mom and Me Karate Experience (ideal for homeschooling families)

Families that train Karate together.......   

Get fit together

Set early boundaries of respect and discipline together

Learn to avoid becoming a victim together

Achieve goals together

Learn to defend themselves together

All while having fun, together

This program is geared to achieve all benefits derived of Karate practice within the family environment.




“We teach Kids, Youth and Adults through a very progressive approach to martial arts. Wado Kai Jitsu is mainly based on Wado Ryu Style of Japanese Karate and enriched with techniques directly derived from Kenpo, Japanese Ju-Jitsu, Tae Kwon do, Aikido and Judo.




We believe that learning martial arts can be a fun way for kids of all ages (Jr. Ninjas & Youth) to acquire discipline, concentration, focus and learn defensive techniques that would help build a stronger sense of self-awareness and confidence.


Bullying is a constant threat to everyone, not just kids at school. Bullying takes place at any age or stage of someone's life.  Bullying creates unnecessary anxiety not just at school or work but many instances affects the relationship with loved ones. We find that it is helpful to learn to avoid to be targeted as a bullying victim even before it happens. And once it is occurring, we'll take the time to detail with the student the circumstances and options in order to evaluate effective ways  to avoid future occurrences and changes to be adopted to deter others from feeling inclined to take a similar position . Sometimes being victimized by a bully is altogether avoided just by the way someone walks.... the stride says a lot about a person's confidence level....  we know we can help.




We have experienced that the essence of reaching a child's attention, for better learning, goes hand in hand with combining a methodology of correct teachings with a good load of fun. 




Our Youth classes still bring fun activities within the teachings of Karate. We adjust the level of techniques and correct execution to be appropriate to each age and physical ability. We help everyone strive to reach their maximum potential. Our classes thrive in creating an atmosphere of encouragement rather than judgement.




Both, Kids and Youth  that regularly come and commit to Karate learning, naturally develop higher standards of respect, self-discipline and the motivation to be resilient and keep focused on goals they set for themselves both academically and in their everyday endeavors.




For the Adults, you may have had some previous experience with martial arts in the past or even if you are a true beginner, you will enjoy our classes since we focus on maintaining a feeling of camaraderie. We understand time is limited and surely you'd want to make the most of the time devoted to getting in better shape by increasing range of motion, flexibility, strength, endurance while engaging in the process of learning self-defense techniques and why not, meeting other likeminded people.




The Concept: All our classes  include traditional Karate techniques guidance with games of ability, endurance, strength and concentration.  When we say games , we mean games!!   The classes are never exactly the same and we keep alternating self-defense, Karate techniques with activities in motion that enhance the body’s ability to later perform at a higher level, these are done in such fun way that “game” is the best way to named them.




The Instructor:

Sensei Alexander Sanchez has a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education. Sensei Sanchez attained his 4th Degree Black Belt  in Wado Ryu back in his native country and for many years, coached fighters at a National High Performance Center. In addition to Wado, students will have ample opportunity to learn techniques from many other styles. Our instructors bring to Time Out Karate over 40 years of combined martial arts experience in multiple disciplines.  Ground control of an opponent, pressure points, Nunchaku, and even "Ki" (energy that transforms in power) evaluations through board breakings are in the mix.    No matter if the student is a Jr. Ninja (4 - 8), Youth (9-13) or an Adult (14 and Over), classes at Time Out Karate will keep you motivated, in shape and you will leave every day with a sense of true accomplishment!”  

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