To maintain safety in our dojo and to maintain a positive and respectful Martial Arts environment, we will request our students and guests to follow these guidelines.

§  Show courtesy and respect to all participants disregarding of belt color or rank

§  No shoes in tatami (Karate padded flooring)

§  Be ready to start your class promptly.

§  If you arrive late, please wait until the instructor acknowledges you and enter the tatami after executing a bow.

§  No unattended or unsupervised children are permitted.

§  Label all attire and padding

§  Respect other people’s property and belongings.

§  Keep your uniform and school shirts neat and clean with patches in proper placement.

§  Practice good personal hygiene habits.

§  Remove all jewelry before entering class.

§  Respect the class that is in session:

§  Keep conversations at a low volume.

§  Remain off the teaching area until your class starts.

§  Quietly prepare for your class.

§  Always make sure to sign in when you come to class.

§  Demonstrate a formal “Bow” as you enter and exit from the dojo.

§  Introduce your guests and visitors to an instructor, we need to know everyone in attendance.

§  Enter class with energy and demonstrate your enthusiasm for learning.

§  Focus your eyes on your instructor or higher ranked belts when demonstrating techniques.

§  Always show your best attention and give your instructor positive responses to questions.

§  Demonstrate proper posture and attitude at all times. Slouching or leaning against the wall is not conducive to proper karate learning.

§  No obscene language in the dojo.

§  Steady and consistent attendance is essential to progress. If possible, please notify your instructor if you will be missing class.

§  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your class.

§  All drinks/food items are to remain away from the tatami at all times.

§  Always remove your belt before leaving the school.

§  Please mark all personal belongings with your name.

§  Little kids must be potty-trained, parent or guardian present within premises at all times.

§  Parents must be ready to pick up kids 10 minutes before class ends.

§  Jr. Ninjas and Youth must raise their hands and be acknowledged before addressing the instructor during class.

§  For hygiene and safety reasons only bare feet over tatami, all other places make sure to use footwear. (Always wear shoes or sandals to the restrooms)

§  Do not attend class if student is ill or has a skin disease.

§  When sparring always bow and shake hands with your classmate. Contact must be moderated. Never seek to harm your fellow students. Training should be taken seriously and hard enough for you and your classmates to improve your techniques, nothing more.

§  At no time, uncontrolled aggressiveness will be tolerated.

§  Parents refrain from coaching your kids during class, constructive criticism will be better communicated during a calmed conversation with your kid on your way home.

§  If a cell-phone rings, please silence it. If you must take the call, please do so outside the dojo area.

§  We welcome all students and will not discriminate for reasons of race, religion or nationality.

§  All controversial topics of discussion (Religion, Politics, etc) must be avoided altogether.

§  Tuition payments are payable via cash or credit card only. On time payments are appreciated

§  All students should wear a karate gi (uniform) with the school patch. Alternatively, students may wear karate pants with a school shirt. New students may wear comfortable athletic attire of solid colors.


§  Before taking leave for the day make sure to say goodbye to your instructors.